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FIMI design and manufactures complete lines for "Cutting to Length", "Slitting of Metal Strips", "Recoiling" and "Inspection" starting from coils, including "Packing solutions" for sheets, slit coils and mother coils, Tube Mills, Tube Finishing Lines and relatives Packaging and Handling Solutions. A wide range of material, from ferrous to non-ferrous such as steel, high resistance steel, stainless steel, painted steel and aluminium, is processed into the lines. FIMI products are mainly destined for steel-work service centres as well as end-users such as the automotive and the household appliances industry.



Sacma is a 68 years old Italian manufacturer of Steel Coils Cutting Machinery (Slitting Lines, Cut-to-Length Lines, Levelling Machines, Binding Lines and Coil to Coil Lines) aiming to bring the future into its Partners' firms. Over the last 50 years, Sacma has developed and installed over 420 lines, to remedy the necessity of the cutting sheet in the different production industries.


Italian company founded in 1980, Selema is a leader in the design and construction of processing lines for strips of non-ferrous materials, particularly specialized in aluminum.

The thicknesses processed by Selema lines are in the 10 µm – 4 mm range for the whole kind of processed alloys.

Adda Fer is a leading Italian company specialized in engineering and manufacturing of plants for production of electro-welded tubes and for the tubes finishing. A consolidated know-how allows the company to focus its activity on brand-new equipment "tailor-made" on Customer's needs.


S.V.M. operates in the fields of engineering and manufacturing of lines for the production of cold formed sections and pipes, new special performance systems for sheet metal processing such as corrugated sheets, sandwich panels, open sections and road barrier, up to the creation of special tubing lines such as those intended for the refrigeration market, compressors and automotive industry.


Fimi Service is the division of FIMI which operates in the field of construction, maintenance, revamping, transformation of mechanical groups, steel factories lines, coil processing lines, tube mills and industrial plant for internal handling

Second-hand or low on production industrial plant can be completely restructured and equipped with automatism and advanced electronic systems in order to increase productivity, elongation of plant lifetime, keeping of liquidity, improving of your products' quality.



Adda Fer Service is the division of Adda Fer which operates in the field of construction, maintenance, overhaul, alteration and transformation of mechanical groups, steel factories lines, tube lines and industrial plant for internal handling.

It is able to provide customer assistance through installation of industrial plant and  start-up, industrial plant assigned employees training, after-sales service with spare parts supply and eventual intervention directly in production.


In 2018 FIMIGroup created a specific division for the automation on its lines: FIMI Automation. The plant located in Delebio (SO) employs over 20 persons.


L’ufficio FIMI di Shanghai, stabilito nell’anno 1997, ha adottato nel 2006 il nome FMS (Fimi Machinery Shanghai).

L’ufficio consta di un team di tecnici e ingegneri dedicati al mercato Cinese. Le attività del team spaziano dal commercialeall’assistenza in fase d’installazione e service post - vendita delle numerose linee installate.

Since 2017, FIMI GmbH in Germany is able to guarantee timeliness and efficiency in maintenance, service and intervention activities in Germany and Northern EuropeThe industrial complex is located in Sprockhövel


Active from 2018 FIMI Swiss is the Branch Office involved in the Russian & CIS market.


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