FIMIGroup German branch is Born. Welcome FIMI GmbH!


FIMIGroup strengthens its presence on the German and Northern European markets with the establishment of FIMI GmbH, a new asset dedicated to service.

Germany has always played a strategic role for FIMI, and the several installed lines over the years on this ground are the main reason why we reinforced our Service division: to offer more reactiveness, competence and promptness on interventions, an aspect of vital importance for the customer.

‚ÄčFIMI GmbH is specialized in assistance and maintenance, even preventive, for the products of its brands. Inspection, modernization, upgrading or lines transfer, in addition to the supply of spare parts, are the core business of FIMI GmbH, a reality which employs a team of qualified technicians present for years in the sector, ready to support new projects as well as to promptly intervene in case of emergencies.

The division is located in Hagen on an area of 2.000 square meters, divided between technical / commercial offices and equipped with a workshop.

For more information please contact FIMI GmbH on +49 2331 14353 or send an e-mail to:

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